Photo Journalism

One of my classes this semester is Photo Journalism. It is such an interesting and fun class. The teacher is a well known local photographer that has done so much in his carer. He has met all these celebrities, won awards, met presidents, photographed funerals, trials and so much more. He tells us about his own experiences in his work and he shows us pictures he has taken. He also has guest speakers in a few classes and today we got to listen to a (also local) photographer that shoots movie photographs. Stills from movies, photos for posters and promoting of the movies. Wow! 
This is my teachers website, where you can see some of his work : Mike Eliason

Weekly photo theme

I'm gonna have a little exercise on my blog. For myself. Just to keep my creative side of the brain going. 
Every week I'm gonna have a new theme. I have to post at least one picture a day within this theme.  
You decide what the theme is gonna be. Post a comment below with the theme you think it should be.
It can be anything from flowers, to colors, to nightmares, to feelings, to love. Anything. 
You have until sunday to post themes and I take the one that has the most "votes". 

I guess a Hello is in order

Welcome to my new blog.
In this blog I will write about my everyday life, living in Santa Barbara in California, USA. 
My name is Sofie and I am 29 years old. I come from a city in Sweden called Malmö and my big love in life is photography. I just love how you can capture a moment in time and save it forever. How you can provoke thoughts and feelings and show the world how you see things. 
I am studying photography at Santa Barbara City College and I have just started my third semester. I have learnt so much here and I am still learning and I am enjoying every second of it.
Photography is powerful, beautiful, simple and so much more. Photography is a way to express yourself. 
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